March 12, 2008

Ice is something different in the Florida Keys, than you might be use to back home.

Of course, on Duvall Street in Key West, ice is something you put in a blender to make a drink.  I mean drinks.  No one ever makes a single “drink” in the Keys…

Out on the water, you use ice to keep the beer cold. And when the beer runs out, ice will keep the fish cold.

Sometimes its hard to make a decision: warm beer or warm fish!

Next time, remember to bring an extra bag of ice!

[ice sculpture, originally uploaded to Flickr by Key West Baseball.]


Key West is Baseball …and more!

February 27, 2008


The Key West Travel Team (U8) after defeating
the #1 seed in Kid’s Pitch at the
Lake Worth Father’s Day Tournament

Every culture instills in their youth the values they hold dear.  But can baseball be one of these values?  Well the Key West Travel Team didn’t get here by lying around on the beaches in Key West!

When we moved to the Florida Keys from New York, my wife worried about what our four-year-old son would learn and become.  Would his 4-year-old ambition to be a taxi driver evolve into something less?  Maybe our son would want to grow up to become a lifeguard?  Remembering my own ambitions when I was his age, and even in later years as I watched re-runs of Bay Watch, I told my wife not to worry.

But I know she still did…  What happened to the dream our of our son “growing up to be a doctor”?  My wife didn’t need to ask.  It’s every mother’s dream, right?  But it was her dream, not his!

But thanks to some incredible coaches in Key West, we were surprised at the values our son did learn in the Keys.  Most of them good!

Yeah, our son learned “how to relax”, but that was from his Uncle Vinny from Cape Cod when he came down to Key West on vacation.  (“What are we going to do now, Uncle Vinny?”  “Relax!  We’re going to Relax!”)

To the contrary, our son’s baseball coaches taught him to work hard, and put the teams’ goals ahead of his personal goals.  I wish the software developers who worked for me in New York City knew how to do this.

Hard work pays off!    Who would have thought our son would learn this value down in “the islands” surrounded by people on vacation?




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2007-06-17 Baseball Travel Team – Tournament – Kid’s Pitch 365,

originally uploaded by Key West Baseball.


The Mailboxes

February 8, 2008

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There’s not much to grab your attention as you drive through Cudjoe Key on your way to Key West. The awesome views of the water are on either end of the island, or at the end of someone’s driveway.  They are not visible from the highway.

But if you’re attentive on your drive back, assuming you haven’t had too many margaritas on Duval Street, you’ll notice these mailboxes on Cudjoe Key.  You may even see someone pulled off the road ahead of you, stopping to take a picture, or make a sketch.  Don’t miss your chance!

There’s a story here, but it’ll have to wait for another day. Or I’ll miss my flight back home…