The Florida Keys

If you can’t live in the Florida Keys, the next best thing is to visit.

If you can’t visit the Keys, the next best thing is to watch it on YouTube.

Here are a few I enjoyed:

The Florida Keys – Diving the Reef

Florida Keys Scuba Diving

Florida Keys Diving Picture Montage (with music)

Florida Keys & Key West: Big Pine Key & The Lower Keys

Florida Keys a journey of Dreams

Find more here.


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2 Responses to “The Florida Keys”

  1. foodloverguy Says:

    I only get to visit, but I love the Florida Keys

  2. Key West Says:

    Be sure to visit our island – Cudjoe Key – when you come down to visit! We’re just about 15 miles from Key West, about 8 miles by boat from Looe Key Reef (the best place to snorkle in the Keys!), and about 1 mile by kayak to the backcountry and the Great Heron National Marine Sanctuary.

    You have probably driven right by us!

    See more about our vacation rental property at

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